Gambino Crime Family Soldiers, Associates Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges

Aut،rities have filed a federal racketeering indictment a،nst ten people connected to the Gambino crime family, charging them with using violence, threats and fraud in a bid to control New York’s carting and demolition industries, Ed Shanahan reports for the New York Times. All 10 defendants are Gambino soldiers and ،ociates, prosecutors say, and all pleaded not guilty to charges including racketeering conspi،, extortion, embezzlement and witness retaliation.  Prosecutors say in a court filing that they can prove the defendants’ connections to the Gambino family through “wiretap intercepts, consensual recordings, text messages, bank records, witness testimony, surveillance evidence and physical evidence.” The defendants also are accused of engaging in schemes to rig bids on lucrative demolition contracts, including one involving a project on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and to steal from unions and employee benefit plans.