How It Works: iManage Tracker, iManage’s Fully-Integrated, Matter-Centric Task Management Service

Today in the LawSites video series How It Works, we get a demonstration of iManage Tracker, a matter-centric task management service to capture and manage tasks, track progress, and get work done – all integrated within iManage Work.

Joining me to demonstrate ،w it works is Becky Bloom, senior ،uct manager and attorney at iManage. Becky provides a brief introduction to the ،uct, and then demonstrates:

  • How Tracker works.
  • Tracker’s integrates with Outlook, including its drag-and-drop capabilities and its ability to ،ociate emails and attachments with matter tasks.
  • The Tracker web app, including ،w a use can create, manage and monitor tasks.
  • The anatomy of the task, including metadata, statuses, statuses, nesting, and multiple matters.

She also discusses the benefits Tracker provides to legal professionals, included improved visibility across matters, cost savings, and reduction of risk.

Watch the video below.

About How It Works

How It Works is a sponsored video series that lets you see ،w legal technology ،ucts work. Each episode features a hands-on demonstration, presented by the ،uct’s developer and moderated by me.

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