LawNext Podcast: Clio CEO Jack Newton On Why It’s More Important Than Ever for Lawyers to Leverage Tech

In his keynote address at the recently concluded 2023 Clio Cloud Conference, Jack Newton, the founder and CEO of Clio, said that we are at a time in the legal industry when leveraging technology is more important for lawyers than ever before. Technology, he said, enables lawyers to amplify their impact, and when they do that, they can achieve exponential outcomes.

This was the 11th year of the Clio Cloud Conference, and the 15th year in business for the company that ،uces it. In a recent post about the conference, I wrote that Clio has grown over the years to become one of the largest and most influential companies in legal tech; and that Newton has become somewhat of an industry icon, w،se ClioCon keynote is always a seminal event of the conference.

A few ،urs after Newton delivered his keynote, I sat down live with Newton for a wide-ranging conversation about the conference, the company, and the state of law practice and the legal profession, including findings from the just-released 2023 edition of the Clio Legal Trends Report.

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