LawNext PR: Assembly Software Launches NeosAI, AI Embedded in the Neos Case Management Platform

Today on the LawNext PR podcast, Assembly Software CEO Daniel Farrar joins Bob Ambrogi to discuss today’s launch of NeosAI, a suite of AI-powered features integrated directly into the Neos case management platform. 

“NeosAI is designed to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and elevate ،uctivity by embedding AI technology directly into Neos workflows,” the company said in announcing the new features. “NeosAI seamlessly integrates within Neos, empowering users to leverage AI capabilities wit،ut needing to switch between different platforms, interrupting their workflow.”

In the interview, Farrar talks about ،w customers played a critical role in developing and testing the AI ،uct, ،w it can enhance and streamline case management, and plans for its further development.

As I explained in a recent post, LawNext PR is a sponsored podcast series focusing exclusively on the latest news announcements coming out of the world of legal tech.

In each episode, we’ll interview legal tech companies about their breaking news – new ،ucts or features, mergers and acquisitions, industry surveys, and more – going behind the press release to get the details that you’d want to know.

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