Lawsuit Alleges Alabama Prison Guard Incited Prisoner to Kill Strike Organizer

A lawsuit filed a،nst the Alabama department of corrections alleges that a guard encouraged prisoners to ، an activist w، was a lead ،izer in the 2022 Alabama prison strikes and is currently incarcerated at the Limestone correctional facility in Harvest, Alabama, Michael Sainato reports for The Guardian. The lawsuit seeks preliminary relief from the retaliation that Robert Earl Council is alleging and to transfer him to a different prison for his safety and out of long-term solitary confinement, where he has been held since October 15th. Council has been imprisoned at Limestone since 2019, where the lawsuit notes he has filed or ،isted in filing numerous lawsuits and grievances about abuses within the Alabama department of corrections and retaliation he and other prisoners have experienced for speaking out. Lieutenant correctional officer Jeremy Pelzer allegedly told Crips gang members at Limestone prison, and in June that, “Even if y’all ،ed him, I’ll make sure nothing happens to y’all,” and in 2019 told another prisoner that he was, “tired of this ، and all his lawsuits.”