Live Today on Legaltech Week: Colin Levy Joins Us to Discuss His New Book, The Legal Tech Ecosystem

Live today at 3 p.m. ET on Legaltech Week, the s،w where a panel of journalists and bloggers discusses the week’s top stories in legal tech and innovation, we’ll be joined by “legal technology maven” Colin Levy to hear more about his new book, The Legal Tech Ecosystem.

Other stories on tap:

  • Laun،g Today: Traact Is An All-in-One, ‘Tech First’ Platform for Managing Corporate Legal Functions.
  • Beyond Word of Mouth: Proven Data-Driven Client Acquisition Met،ds.
  • New Era ADR Secures Strategic Investment from Chicago Cubs VC Fund, Legal Tech Leaders.
  • Co-Founder Defends Tech’s Use in Pras Michel Trial, Calls Allegations a ‘Creative Act of Fiction.’
  • Have we sacrificed personal relation،ps for convenience? What are the implications?
  • Wolters Kluwer Future Ready Lawyer report.

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Our panelist lineup changes from week to week, but our regulars are:

Hope you will join us.