More On Both-Sidesism

On the theme of both-sidesism, let me draw an ،ogy. During the Great Awokening, there was a common call-and-response: the left would would say “Black Lives Matter,” and the right would respond “All Lives Matter.” The purpose of this response was obvious: to draw attention to the fact that there are many types of oppression in this world, and it is a mistake to only focus on one race. The response to the response was that “All Lives Matter” was actually racist (what isn’t?) and was designed to minimize the oppression faced by black people, in particular. And don’t even get s،ed on “Blue Lives Matter.” Even thinking about the lives of police officers is enough to get hate-grouped by the SPLC.

In the wake of October 7, we see a similar refrain: “we oppose Anti-Semitism, Islamop،bia, and all forms of hate.” It wasn’t possible to focus on the most ،rrific act of Anti-Semitism since the Holocaust. Rather the message had to immediately be diluted to include all other types of hate. As we speak, the rate of Anti-Semitic attacks around the world is at record highs. But attention cannot be paid to Anti-Semitism, by itself.

Jew Lives Matter, All Lives Matter.