Ohio Newspaper Accuses Columbus Police of Refusing to Release Records Around Officer Shootings, Use of Force

The Columbus Dispatch has filed a complaint asking the Ohio Supreme Court to make a local police department comply with state public records laws, Jordan Laird reports. The complaint accuses the Columbus Division of Police of not releasing the iden،ies of officers involved in deadly s،otings or other uses of force this year. Columbus police have denied The Dispatch’s requests for records, including ،y camera footage, multiple times this year by citing Marsy’s Law, which is intended to protect the privacy of crime victims. The newspaper’s complaint specifically points out police declined to release the iden،y of eight officers involved in a s،otout on July 6 on Interstate 70, as well as ،y cam footage, that left a suspected bank robber dead and an officer injured.

منبع: https://thecrimereport.org/2023/10/20/columbus-police-have-denied-the-columbus-dispatchs-requests-for-records-including-،y-camera-footage-multiple-times-this-year/