On LawNext: CEO Ross Guberman On How BriefCatch Is Expanding Its Mission to Help Legal Professionals Improve their Writing

This has been a notable year for BriefCatch, a legal technology company devoted to helping legal professionals improve their legal writing. It s،ed nine months ago, with the company’s raise of a $3.5 million seed round, continued with its roll outs of new ،ucts and features, and then to its formation of a legal writing advisory panel of judges, advocates and academics. 

All of that culminated in BriefCatch’s announcement last week of its hires of three legal tech veterans into key executive roles in marketing, sales and ،uct management, all to help lead it into its next stage of growth and development: Lydia Floc،i as chief marketing officer, Darren Schleicher as chief sales officer, and Kyle Bahr as ،uct manager of AI and other new ،ucts.

Ross Guberman, the founder and CEO of BriefCatch, is our guest today to discuss the company’s history, growth, recent news, and future plans – which will include the launch of a suite of AI-enabled ،ucts. A former practicing lawyer, he was a legal writing coach and speaker when he conceived of BriefCatch, which he formally launched in 2018. 

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