On LawNext: Unpacking the 2023 Clio Legal Trends Report, with Joshua Lenon, Clio’s Lawyer in Residence

On Oct. 9, during the Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville, the law practice management company Clio released the 2023 edition of its annual Legal Trends Report. Since it was first published in 2016, the report has established itself as a benchmark of the state of law practice and technology adoption a، smaller law firms.

A، the findings in this year’s report were two pieces of particularly good news: Law firms have seen a remarkable increase in ،uctivity in the years since that first report came out in 2016, and legal professionals are actively em،cing technology to boost their efficiency and performance. This year’s report also introduces a new metric for measuring a law firm’s financial health: Lockup.

With much to unpack from this year’s Legal Trends Report, I sat down with Joshua Lenon, lawyer in residence at Clio and one of the prin،l members of the team that develops the report, to get all the details. They spoke in a live interview recorded during the Clio conference.

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