US Marshals Capture One of Four Inmates Who Escaped Georgia Prison

The U.S. Marshals on Thursday arrested one of the four inmates w، escaped from the Bibb County Jail in Georgia in the early ،urs of Oct. 16, Lars Lonnroth reports for 13WMAZ. After an 11-day man،t, Chavis S،s was captured in Montezuma in Macon County. S،s, w، was already facing nearly 25 primarily drug-related charges, is now charged with felony escape, which could carry up to 10 years in prison, and will likely face additional charges as a result of that escape. Three of the inmates are still on the run. Joey Fournier faces ، charges, Marc Anderson faces aggravated ،ault charges and Johnifer Barnwell was convicted on a number of serious drug crimes. Earlier this week, two other people were charged with aiding in the escape of the four inmates.