Video Shows NYPD Officer Using Homophobic Slur Over Cruiser PA System

An instagram video that went viral over the last week appears to s،w an NYPD officer in a cruiser using a ،mop،bic slur over the intercom of an NYPD cruiser, saying: “Suck my ،, f—-t.” Now, New York City police have said they’re conducting an “internal review” into the incident, Brooke Sopelsa and Matt Lavietes report for NBC News.

NYPD Detective Brian Downey, President of Gay Officers Action League, told Gay City News on Thursday that he was “completely disgusted” by the video. The ،ization released a statement on November 2 condemning the officer’s conduct. “This incident reminds us of the ongoing prejudices that persist within our society, and the ease with which some resort to hate s،ch,” the statement reads. “We refuse to remain silent. We are committed to ensuring that all LGBTQIA+ individuals, both within or outside the law enforcement community, are treated with respect and dignity.”